Thursday, 3 May 2012

New haircut

And the happier post I promised comes right away!
As I said, I've been at home a lot lately, but I did go out to get my hair cut, so here is a picture I took of my new do today:

This picture is fairly accurate in terms of colour, I dare say, so please excuse my stupid expression. ^^;
I used:
  • Kate High Cover Powder Foundation in Bright-up Color
  • no name eyebrow powder
  • Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize in WT963 all over, GR185 in the crease and the outer lower lashline and BR784 to lightly tightline
  • Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo (of course)
  • Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in #11 Rose Fairy, which has quickly become my favourite blush, but doesn't really show up in this picture
  • Coffret d'or Full Styling Rouge (Glow) in RS-244, which is my favourite MLBB lipstick (and sadly discontinued >.<), which is a tad darker in real life
It feels a little weird to be wearing a full face of make-up again after several weeks of being almost bare-faced with only BB cream etc.
I'm actually having quite a few stress-related (I guess) zits in unusual places, but my camera was being nice and blurred my skin into perfection. :D Plus, the Kate powder foundation is suprisingly nice and, even more surprising, actually light enough. I'm glad, really, because I've run out of my Everday Minerals foundation and the new ones I've ordered are probably stuck in customs again. -.- For reference, I used up two containers of the Fair Neutral Matte Foundation and now ordered Olive Fair in Matte and Semi-Matte, one each, because the undertones match me better. (Fair Neutral did look very pinkish-white on me after a while.) As I said above, this photo is pretty close to my actual colouring, only my lips look a little washed out.

Do you like the shorter hair? I know, I've had a similar cut in 2010, then let it grow long again, cut again... My usual roller coaster of hair lenghts. ^^;


  1. 0.0 ui... Haare ab... also ich finde Deine schönen Locken ja länger viel, viel schöner. Jetzt siehst Du frech und superjung aus (was natürlich auch immense Vorteile hat!)

  2. Danke! Ich kann mich nie entscheiden und lasse sie jetzt wohl erst mal wieder wachsen, bis zur nächsten radikalen Aktion. xD

  3. Looks good, Julia!

    I wish I could have naturally wavy bangs like yours. My type of hair just doesn't stay down like that on its own!

    1. Joseibi, thank you!
      My hair is quite a handful, too, and almost never looks the way I want it to. ^^;

  4. Klasse. Ganz ehrlich. Schwer zu sagen wie ich auf deine Seite gekommen bin. Aber dein Lächeln hat mich irgedwie mitgenommen. Wir werden uns nie sehen und auch sicher sonst nicht kennen lernen. Aber du sollst wissen, dass es Leute gibt, die dein Lächeln anziehend finden.

    Gruß Arthur