Friday, 13 January 2012

Am I the only one...

... whose face has a different colour from the neck?
To be more precise, my face is pink-toned (there's probably also some redness, but the skin itself is rather cool-toned, too), whereas my neck is more neutral-to-yellow.
If I put on yellow make-up, though, it looks weird, too.

Plus, my hair is a warm golden-brown, which clashes with my face quite nicely, and I have not yet managed to get rid of the warm hues.

Very, very strange. :/


  1. Seems like I'm exactly the same type xDDD
    Pale face with warm (!!!) freckles; yellow toned neck; golden brown hair.. xD I think we're olives. I can wear nearly every shade of greeen (exept yellowish lime!), brown and taupe.

    Warm colours I like:
    petrol, olive, camel, bronze

    Cold colours I love:
    green, burgundy, violet, grey

    I don't feel well with black, orange, classic red, lilac and pink.....

    1. I'm not sure, to be honest. It's only my neck that's yellow for some reason (and hasn't always been), the rest is quite pink, and I don't have freckles either. I never tan, too.
      There are quite some colours I cannot wear, but some I can despite my pinkish skin, so I've always assumed I was neutral, sometimes changing colours I can wear when I changed my hair colour.
      For example, even with the golden hair now, I cannot wear olive or bronze. Grey is too cool for me, though. I'm just right in the middle.

      Hm, seems like I have to give my hair an ashy dye and hide my neck. xDDD

    2. xDDDD I also do not tan at all. I become red after staying 4 days over 6 hours in the sun, otherwise not... Well, then... Wear colours you like :)